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Soulett is a motivating dance training that combines the most beautiful properties of classical ballet and yoga: Aesthetics meet inner balance! New movement sequences specially developed for this course will help you to move gracefully and dynamically with ease. Elements from yoga and ballet are meaningfully linked, complement each other and establish a new body dynamic. The course begins with an energetic, powerful warm-up. The exercises flow intuitively with ease and challenge the whole body down to the deep muscles. Inspirational, instrumental music accompanies the movements and activates the mind and heart. The interplay of tension and relaxation, dynamic choreographies and balance exercises round off the overall experience. With Soulett you improve your posture, your coordination and strengthen your core.

COURSES IN SEPTEMBER Tuesdays, 5:30 p.m.-7: 00 p.m. Soulett Choreography In this advanced course we start with a crisp, intensive warm-up and immediately afterwards we devote ourselves to learning a longer choreography and dancing it with joy and emotion.

Thursdays, 5:30 p.m.-7: 00 p.m. Soulett Basic In this beginners' course you will learn all the Soulett exercises in detail and you will become more confident in your movements from hour to hour. Costs: per course (4 appointments each): 60 € / individual appointments possible by arrangement.

Registration: Have a look at www.soulett.de or write to me at: luisa@soulett.de Under the menu item "Courses" you will find all the details again and can register directly!



During 6 months we meet once a week to develop a play. A play that reflects the duality that many migrants feel. How does life in a foreign country go when we have roots in our homeland? What influence does this journey and the distance have on us? In our Behavior? In our family life? What brings us? What do we miss? How does this process transform us? In this theater group, participants have the opportunity to engage with this theme by immersing themselves in and sharing their experiences. The creation of the play takes place through improvisations, collection of lyrics, songs, stories and pictures, which are the final presentation of a show not only for the Portuguese speaking community, but also for those who are interested. (Photo by Tania Araújo)



Teacher David Gerhards, Deutsche Oper Berlin

Ballet is not only an art form, but also an intense full-body workout: the torso and leg muscles are strengthened and stretched and the coordination of the complex movement sequences is also trained. The result: an improved body sensation and a more upright posture. Further information on the course offer can be found here: www.tanzimwedding.de



Teacher Ashley Temba, New York

Hip Hop has long been very popular with young and older people. As a form of training, it is a sweaty workout for the entire body. Especially the coordination ability is needed here.

Further information on the course offer can be found here: www.tanzimwedding.de

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The Flamenco is rightly a World Heritage Site and grows beyond itself. The flamenco shows through emotion, rhythm, musicality, technology and virtuosity. But in its depth lies the human heart in all its originality and wants to intuitively express and touch itself in the palette of emotional worlds and the stories of life.
Ari la Chispa is a co-founder of the flamenco formation and the Studio Magna Mata Flamenco. The range of artistic work ranges from pure solo performances up to full-length appearances. From 1991 to the present she is developing and choreographing, successfully participated in numerous dance theater productions. In 2015 Ari "Flamenco Offline" founded her experimental Flamenco Performance Art project, which she launched to follow the modern approaches of Flamenco in German-speaking countries as well. She still loves traditional, classic and original flamenco to this day, which she celebrates in a very special way with dedication, temperament and loyalty to the roots. She teaches competently, with humor and playful ease It helps you to feel yourself and has set itself the goal of releasing your energies in an inspiring and creative way for your dance "be in the circle of balance, if you are looking for the fire of your inspiration" / Ari

New and ongoing courses starting:
Monday, January 6, 2020 Trial lesson for beginners / only with registration! arilachispa@gmail.com

6pm - technique / beginners + introduction
7:00 pm - Technology / intermediate to advanced
8.00 pm - Choreo / Advanced / 90 min.

5.30 pm - Introduction + Choreo / Beginners NEW! / 90 min. 6.30 pm - Choreo / intermediate / 90 min.

Photos by Javier Moya

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Jeden Mittwoch ist Kinder Yoga in den Osramhöfen in Berlin Wedding. Auch die Eltern sind eingeladen teilzunehmen. 1h von 17-18 können Kinder im Alter von 6-10 Jahren teilnehmen. Wir machen Yoga, wir singen und trommeln und zum Schluss gibts 10 Minuten tanzen und wilde Bewegungen. Es sind keine Vorkenntnisse im Yoga nötig - jeder kann mitmachen. Bitte bringt eine Yogamatte oder Decke für Euch mit.


Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen. Sonnige Grüße Mike



One of Europe’s most exciting, innovative dance spaces, where artists from all over the world come to push creative boundaries, to experiment with new works, inspired by the DART Dance Company to reach beyond what is possible and to aim for the impossible. This space is home to DART DSP, covering an extensive range of classes, courses and participatory opportunities for young dancers,  and
professional development programs for artists. DART DSP is our world-class student program, offering vocational training to the highest technical and artistic standards.
The DART method believes that by working through movement, breath, music, and dynamics, you will have the opportunity to explore and define your own creative states.
The focus of this dance training lies in practical experience: You will learn through working with our company members, guest teachers from all over Europe, how to work efficiently in a company environment, and develop your skills and experience as a dancer.

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Two bronze medals and a seventh place: That is the yield of the Urban Beat Irish Dance Academy at the German Open 2019 of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA). At the prestigious German Championships, which were held this year in the Dutch city of Venlo, the dancers were again able to hold their own against strong competition. The dancers of the Urban Beat Academy also celebrated success in the open competitions for all performance classes: With fast feet and a perfect rhythm, they achieved more than 40 rankings in the top three.

For the first time since the victory in 2016, the Urban Beat Irish Dance Academy also again in the team standings of the championships. With new choreography for 4-hands, so small groups of four people, they scored a third and fourth place.

The basis of these successes is the regular training in Tanzraum Wedding. Here the dancers work on their technique and practice new steps and choreographies. The different courses of the Urban Beat Academy offer Irish Dance for all levels and age groups: from the common dance fun in a relaxed atmosphere to ambitious competition or show training.

New members are welcome and even for complete newcomers there is the appropriate guide to - quite literally - take the first steps in Irish dance. A trial training is possible after registration for free.



Cosima Geffert

Urban Beat Irish Dance Academy


+49 1573 3391997


Facebook: /urban.beat.irish.dance

Instagram: /urbanbeat_irishdanceacademy



Beginners with previous knowledge / intermediate level

- Teacher Carmen Volpe

The name modern/ contemporary  dance arises from the simple fact that this is not classical dance. The movements are not tied to a specific figures canon. Nevertheless, there are also technical basics to learn here that go back to different approaches of modern dances.

Further information on the course offer can be found here: www.tanzimwedding.de



 -Trainer Liliya Borozenko

The Kangoo Jumps Power Training is a very motivating interval training program that consists of a series of simple exercises. The movements are repeated with different intensities and then combined with each other. The Kangoo Jumps program is specifically designed to challenge the whole body, build muscle strength and endurance and can be adapted to all fitness levels.

The advantages of the Kangoo Jumps program at a glance: • Ideal for overweight or joint damage

• Optimization of the abdominal and trunk muscles

• about 20% higher calorie consumption

• faster weight loss without yo-yo effect

• 80% impact absorption through Kangoo Jumps shoes

• increased metabolism

• Sustainable protection of the joints

• Fun for the whole family (from 10-90 years)


Our training times:

Monday 18: 30-19: 30

Wednesday 18: 00-19: 00

Friday 19: 30-20: 30

Sunday 16: 00-17: 00


Did we spark your interest? Then log in and reserve your shoes at: lilis.kangooclub.berlin@gmail.com or private message on Facebook at: Lilis Kangoo Club Berlin



Teacher Yvonne Vendrig, former partner with BALLETT MITTELSTUFE7 FO of Rudolf Nurejew.


Ballet is not only an art form, but also an intense full-body workout: the torso and leg muscles are strengthened and stretched and the coordination of the complex movement sequences is also trained. The result: an improved body sensation and a more upright posture.

Further information on the course offer can be found here: www.tanzimwedding.de

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Acroyoga combines the power of acrobatics with the mindfulness of yoga, connecting two (or more!) people in a playful way. By working together to craft beautiful poses and creative flows, we learn how to build trust, communicate effectively, and reach new heights with each other. A regular practice in acroyoga can also help improve strength, balance and flexibility – a truly holistic workout that you can enjoy with friends!


In each class we will cover a new L-basing or standing flow, with steady progressions to advance your practice in a safe and supportive environment. This Level 1 & 2 class is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners. No partner needed. Come monkey with us!

Courses are Thursdays 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm



Childrens dance is a great and important thing! The mental, physical and social skills of the children are taught here. Through playful guided exercises they improve and consolidate their motor coordination skills. The imagination is stimulated, the sense of community and the group dynamics sharpened, i. as a preparation for the kindergarten / school, dancing lessons contribute to a better social behavior. Learning to play music has been proven to make it easier to save new things in the brain more easily and quickly. Parents are welcome, of course, but during the lesson, it is less of a pedagogical point of view for the little ones to concentrate fully on the teacher. This also ensures an increased self-confidence. Just try our children's dance with a free trial lesson.